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SDS Pump Mounting Options

SDS Pump Mounting Options

The versatile SDS1000 Piston filler can be mounted in a variety of formats based on the client’s specific application.

Model SDS-1000 OH with Overhead Hopper & Floor Stand.

  • Custom hoppers with support frame & pump mounting for easy access to the SDS pump for adjustment, service & cleaning.
  • Automatic Filler with conveyor, container sensor & VG Indexing gates.
  • Multiple pump systems for higher speeds or sequential fills.

 Model SDS-1000 LH with Low Level mounting & Horizontal Hopper.

  • Large capacity low level hoppers are easy to load.
  • No secondary product pumping or lifting is required.
  • Sloped bottom to pump inlet ensures total emptying.
  • Slow speed mixers can be integrated to keep solids in suspension with soups, pie fillings, condiments & salad dressings.

Model SDS-1000 FS Food Service with low level mounting & table level filling station with drip tray.

  • Direct Triclamp coupling to bulk storage or process vessels.
  • Impulse style heat sealer with adjustable bag support to align the bag for accurate sealing. Bag can be “burped” to reduce air in bag.
  • Table top storage for bags, Label dispensers or secondary operations.