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FEATURES & BENEFITS: MODEL SDS-1000- P Practical Solutions


Innovative Solutions for Filling Applications

  • Rugged Stainless Steel construction to resist corrosive products and cleaning/sanitizing chemicals. The pump assembly is mounted onto a formed stainless base with a hinged Stainless Steel cover leaving a smooth, easy to clean, corrosion resistant surface.
  • Unique frame & cabinet design elements simplify maintenance and teardown procedures.
  • Product contact parts Type 316 Stainless Steel, UHMW & Food Approved elastomers.
  • The SDS-1000 will look great after years of service in the most hostile environments.
  • Interchangeable Pump Heads & Nozzle Assemblies to suit evolving applications:*FOOD * COSMETIC * PHARMACEUTICAL * CHEMICAL


  • The ultimate in versatility. One common pump drive enables filling a wide variety of flowable products.Thin liquids to pastes & products with solid inclusions can all be filled with the same machine.
  • Tool-Free-Teardown: Sanitary Triclamps hold the complete SDS Metering Pump together. Fast teardown for cleaning and changeovers from one style of product to another.
  •  Pump & piston assembly can be removed from the pump drive without any spills to minimize product loss, reduce use of cleaning solutions and maintain a clean filling station.
  • The pump contact parts are easy to handle to facilitate cleaning & sanitizing procedures.
  • No more small nuts, bolts or screws down the drain or lost somewhere in your product.


  • Triclamp Inlet connection for secure coupling to the bulk infeed supply or overhead hoppers. Custom inlet connections to suit KamLok , Swagelock or proprietary Quick Disconnect couplings.
  • Powerful suction to draw product directly from low level tanks, drums or totes.
  • Direct coupling to process vessels means a minimal amount of product handling and reduces the risk of operator exposure or product contamination.
  • No need for overhead hoppers and transfer pumps for many applications.
  • Selector switch for Automatic Recycle enables the SDS Piston Filller to be used as a Transfer Pump.
  • DFD Direct from Drum metering and transfer systems. Custom mobile floor stands to straddle drums or the SDS pump can be mounted on a heavy duty shelf or racking to draw direct from drum or bulk tote.

 All pneumatic operation with mandatory venting & grounding precautions enables filling volatile or flammable products.  



  • Simple selection of pump fill volume range with drop-in spacers and a micrometer adjustment for calibrating the precise fill volume. Fill volume adjustments can be safely made during production without stopping the line.
  • Fill Range 50ml to 1 litre per stroke.
  • Speed of Suction & Discharge strokes are independently adjustable to enable cycling speeds and product velocity to be optimized for specific products.
  • Filling Speed is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 40 cycles per minute dependant on product characteristics, fill volume, and type of container. 

Selector switches for following functions:

  • Main ON-OFF
  • Single cycle selector to actuate a fill cycle from a footswitch or a signal from the host machine on automated filling lines.
  • Repeat Cycle mode. The pump will automatically recycle through a complete filling cycle.  This feature is used to cycle the machine during the flushing and cleaning operations or when the SDS is used as a Transfer Pump.
  • By setting the speeds of the suction and discharge strokes the Repeat Cycle Mode and can be utilized to pace the filling line with a repeatable cycle time to optimize production.
  • Pump Forward is selected when making volume adjustments or purging the pump barrel during teardown changeover operations.