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SDS 5000 5 litre Piston


Contact Parts are Type 316 Stainless Steel & FDA, USDA & 3A Approved Polymers for food contact.


NO-TOOL QT Quick Take-Apart design with tie rod & cradle construction to maintain alignment of filling head components during the dismantling and assembly operations.




The pneumatic control circuit has a switch to allow selection of the following functions: 

Adjustable volume control and calibrated stroke length indicator for precise fill volume reproduction




Designed specifically for the food industry, the D-Series offers a combination of unique features

and solid design with many advantages and benefits.

  • 5 litre piston/cylinder set c/w adjustable volume control and calibrated indicator with 1 litre to 5 litre fill range.
  • Contact parts are Type 316 Stainless Steel & FDA, USDA & 3A approved polymers.
  • Custom seals & elastomers or commercial valves to suit Chemical or specialty applications.
  • Full smooth bore porting through pump head with Triclamp connections for inlet & outlet ports.  Sanitary outlet fitting to suit  QT Sanitary plug spout style nozzle.
  • A short smooth product path through the pump head means minimum product degradation and efficient operation.
  • Tool-Free-Teardown design with Triclamp construction to maintain alignment of filling head components during the dismantling and assembly operations.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel floor stand c/w integral push handle & casters for mobility.
  • The pneumatic control circuit allows selection of single cycle dispensing or automatic recycling to allow the unit to be used as a transfer pump.
  • The integral control panel includes the following:
  • Selector switch for On-Off,  Footswitch, Automatic Recycle & Piston Forward lock.
  • Adjustable pneumatic flow controls to control speed of suction and discharge strokes.
  • Air Filter, Regulator, Oiler & Pressure Gauges with quick disconnect for air supply.