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Digi-Flow Metered Revolution Sanitary Pump

DIGIFLOW – Metered Revolution Sanitary Pumping system.

  1. Viscous products or those with larger solid particles.
  2. Easily integrated with VFFS equipment for Food in Bag (Milk bag style)
  3. Cook-Chill refrigerated bags for food service & institutional applications.
  4. Hopper free systems by direct coupling to process vessel or bulk tank. 
  • Versatile Metering-Pumping Station
  • Rugged corrosion resistant construction
  • 3 pump sizes available
  • Fill range 4 oz. to 30 to 40 lb. fills
  • Fills bags, pails, cartons, etc.
  • Waterproof enclosures
  • Sanitary - easy to clean design
  • State of the art electronic and scale controls