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Advantages of Piston Filling Technology

1) Accurate dispensing volumes regardless of container profile.

     Plastic containers can vary in volume. Rectangular flat sided containers have a tendency

     to bulge during the filling cycle. With Fill-to-Level  Overflow style systems the actual

     volume dispensed can vary substantially.   Piston Filler accuracy reduces giveaway.


2) No direct nozzle seal contact with the neck opening during the fill cycle.

    Piston fillers push the product through the nozzles and do not rely on rubber seal

    washers pressing down on the container neck to open the nozzle as with conventional

    overflow fillers.   Soft containers can deform with the downward pressure.


3) Soiled seal washers can contaminate the neck opening and can create problems with

     maintaining seal integrity with Induction sealing or pressure sensitive cap liners.


4)  Overflow style fillers have an extensive amount of tubing & fittings which are

     virtually impossible to clean or sanitize.


5)  Piston fillers offer accurate dispensing volumes regardless of product viscosity or temperature.


6) Gear pump style filling machines rely on having a very consistent product with some viscosity

     for accurate fill volumes. Low viscosity products do not handle well on gear pump style fillers.

     Changes in product temperature can alter the viscosity, changing the pumping characteristics

     of the product.  Changes in the level of the bulk feed system can lead to changing fill volumes.


7) When the gears wear, filling accuracy is compromised and the gear debris is in your product. The         maintenance & replacement costs of rotary pump seals, proprietary gear and impellor assemblies         can be substantial and time consuming. Complex Rotary Shaft seals on many gear pump fillers             are difficult & labour intensive to clean.


8)  Piston style fillers offer simple, reliable, operation with a minimum of product turbulence or

     shear forces. The high speed “gear-shear”  effect that gear type fillers can produce could

     break down certain products and may change the consistency,  texture or feel of the product

     in the container.


9)  The SDS piston filler provides a powerful direct piston pressure on the product to push

     viscous thicker products through the small  diameter nozzles needed to enter narrow

     neck openings as seen in the cosmetic industry.  High pressure filling is required to fill

     bladder bags and containers where the container dispensing piston is pushed back by

     the incoming product to avoid air pockets in the bottom of the container. 


10) Versatility of nozzles styles and mountings enables filling a wide variety of specialties.

     - Small neck openings: Sprinkler & shaker style or narrow brush openings (Mascara) 

     - Offset necks, angled neck openings (Toilet bowl cleaners & Automotive Oils)

     - Two part divided bottles for chemical & beverage industries

     - Bottom-Up filling nozzles to reduce foaming/aeration

     - Sub-surface filling for seriously foamy products 

     - Pressure filling for viscous products – Bladder can liners with nozzle seals

     - Bag-In-Box and soft bottle filling systems