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FBW SQF Sequential Fill –Precision Twin Augers for Bulk & Fine Fill


Custom Programming of specific formulas to create pre-measured production units.

  • Spice & Flavor Units for the Food ( Meat & Bakery ) Industries.
  • Potpouri, Buds, Seeds, Florets, Croutons, Spices  
  • Color & Chemical Additives - Batching Formulas.
  • Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical - Batching Formulas.
  • Any combination of individual product feeders can be set up
    to meter the various components that create your specific product.
  • Product combinations can include liquids metered by FBW Fill-By-Weight or Piston Fillers.
  • Heavy Pastes/ Creams can be handled by PD Pumps, Vertical Auger Fillers or Piston Fillers. 
  • Granular or Flowable Dry Products can be fed by Vibratory or Horizontal Auger Feeders.
  • The containers or unit packages are automatically indexed sequentially
    through the different filling stations.

Project Review:  Automatic Precision Weight Twin Auger Dry Product Packaging Line

FBW SQF-2A-15 (Sequential Fill) Series:  Fill-By-Weight Systems 

  • The R-J Model SQF-2A-15 is a custom built packaging line designed to fill plastic jars with precisely 15 grams of high value or specialty products.
  • SQF  designates a Sequential Fill with a Bulk Fill & Fine Fill scaling sequence to enable the precise weight of product to be metered.
  • Horizontal augers ensure a smooth transfer from the bulk hoppers to the container with minimal product degradation.
  • The Bulk Fill auger is a larger diameter auger to handle
    the larger volumes for faster filling.
  • The Fine Fill auger will meter smaller volumes of product
    to make up the precise weight.




TECHNICAL OVERVIEW:  Precision Dry Product Filler   SQF Sequential Fill

FBW-A Fill-By-Weight Twin Auger


R-J Model  SQ-2BFA15   Sequential 2 stage auger filler for precise fill weights.

The fully automatic jar filling system is equipped as follows:

  • 36” diameter Infeed Turntable to feed the jars into the lugs of the 
    8 ft long indexing  jar transfer conveyor.
  • The stainless steel lugged chain transfer conveyor will index the jars sequentially to the scale based Bulk Fill station &  Fine Fill station to be filled to the specified target weight.
  • The Bulk Fill hopper with a  larger diameter horizontal auger will transfer the bulk weight of product directly into the jar through the nozzle assembly.
  • The  Fine Fill hopper for final fill weight top up is fitted with a smaller diameter horizontal auger to transfer the classified smaller volume of product  to the scaling station.
  • If the container is within the specified weight and no top up is required, the filled container will be indexed for transfer to secondary operations .
  • If the container is overweight it will be indexed to the reject station and transferred off the conveyor onto an accumulating table for secondary operations.
  • If the container is underweight the Fine Fill auger will start up to transfer the product into the jar to make up the specified target weight.
  •  A heavy duty square tube stainless steel  frame with adjustable leveling  pads for precise integration &  alignment with the indexing conveyor.
  • Hoppers, Augers, Pneumatic supply with Filter Regulator & Oiler, Solenoid valves & the Main Operator Control Panel are integrated together on the main frame.  
  • 2 Stainless steel rectangular Bulk & Fine Fill hoppers with lids & safety Interlocks. Removable horizontal cross augers are Triclamp mounted directly to the hoppers.
  • Controls are mounted into a NEMA 4 dustproof enclosure with access to all major operating  parameters.The main control panel will to be mounted on the main frame for easy access.
  • Embedded controller will manage all of the sequencing & verification logic. HDMI with color touch screen &  access for operation, verification & documentation.
  • No Container – No Fill interlock circuits with container in place verification.
  • Embedded scale indicator & precision Tedea Load cells with 1/10th gram scale resolution.
  • ​Programmable variable speed controls for Bulk & Fine Fill augers to set the feed rates.
  • ​The system is designed for ease of cleaning & sanitizing all the product contact parts.
    • The stainless steel hoppers have accessible smooth easily cleaned surfaces.​
    • ​The auger & drive motor assemblies are easily accessed & disassembled for cleaning.