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Industries / Food


R-J Machinery offers innovative designs with

emphasis on performance & ease of teardown for

fast cleaning, sanitation & changeovers.


The Powerful SDS Sanitary Design Series of

Piston Fillers offers metering versatility to suit a

wide variety of products with Fast Tool- Free-



Saving Time & Money while ensuring complete

sanitation makes for a Win - Win situation for both

the Production & Quality Assurance departments.


Interchangeable Pump Heads & Nozzle

Assemblies offer the ultimate in versatility.

One common pump drive enables filling a wide

variety of flowable products. Thin liquids, viscous

pastes & products with solid inclusions can all be

filled with the same machine.

Fast changeovers between products. 


Efficient Single & High Speed Multi-Pump

Filling Lines. The modular construction of the SDS

Series of metering pumps allows the filler to grow

& evolve with changing filling applications.


Compact & Versatile the self contained SDS

pumps are easy to integrate or retrofit with existing

automated  container handling conveyors & custom

nozzle assemblies.

Retrofitting new filling systems to optimize the use

of existing container handling or bulk feed systems is

our specialty. Custom designed systems for Vertical or

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machines, Pouchmakers,

Thermoform Vacuum  Packaging, Tube & Cartridge

Fillers & BIB Bag-In-Box systems. 


Cook-Chill & Bag Sealing Stations

Hot fill direct from kettle or process vessels.


High Speed Depositors for Food Assembly lines,

Vacuum Form-Fill-Seal Lines & Pouchmakers.


Laboratory & Prototype R&D Versatility for

Pilot Plant &  Production facilities.


BIB Bag-In-Box & Food in Bag Filling coupled

direct to process or bulk vessels.  SEQ Sequential

Filling for multi-component recipe products.


FBW Fill-By- Weight Sanitary scale based pump

drives or gravity tanks to suit - Jug- Bulk Pail – Drum

Tote & IBC packaging systems.

SEQ Sequential Filling for multi-component products