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 The Cosmetic Industry presents a very challenging environment for maintaining high standards of sanitation and cleanliness during their filling operations.

Many compounds used in the cosmetic industry are very difficult to clean.

 Color concentrates, perfumes, oils & waxes require diligent cleaning for sanitation.

The tear down and cleaning of the complex array of parts inherent to filling equipment is alabour intensive, time consuming process.

Many machines require skilled personnel with wrenches, screwdrivers and special tools to access parts for proper cleaning.

The design of some pump head parts make it difficult to verify the true cleanliness of the components prior to re- assembly resulting in potential cross contamination of products.

  • FAST- TOOL- FREE-TEARDOWN for easy access to a minimum number of easy to clean parts.
  • Sleek design with smooth, easy to clean surfaces designed to reduce the time and effort required for cleaning & changeover.  All  Stainless Steel frame & hinged access  cover.

Interchangeable pump heads and nozzle assemblies offer the ultimate in versatility. One common pump drive enables filling a wide variety of flowable products. From thin liquids to pastes & products with solid inclusions can all be filled with the same machine.

Fast changeovers from one style of product to another.

  • All pneumatic operation with mandatory venting & grounding precautions for filling volatile or flammable products. DFD Direct from Drum filling to reduce 
  •  DFD Direct From Drum The compact SDS Filler can be positioned on top of the drum or mounted on a mobile floor stand to straddle conventional 200 litre plastic or steel drumsto meter out a fixed volume of product for your packaging, batching or process 
  • Heated pump head & nozzle assemblies  to suit hot fill or molten product 
  • Total Contact Parts Isolation:  The complete SDS pump head with the piston in placecan be removed from the pump drive for cleaning and sanitizing 
  • In select applications the powerful suction of the SDS Filler can draw products directly from floor level storage tanks, IBC Bulk Containers, drums or specialty process/cooking vessels.


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