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HCG Capsule Filler ACF-100

ACF-100 HGC Capsule Filler Technical Review

ACF-100 Automatic Capsule Filler to suit filling capsules on a ATG  Profill 100 capsule machine. Capsules are in a 10 x 10 capsule matrix on the Profill tooling

  • Hibar Precision Rotary Valve style piston filler with maximum fill of 2.5 ml per stroke.
  • Precision micrometer to adjust fill volume and precision flow controls to adjust pump speeds
  • A selection of interchangeable open tube nozzle assemblies suit paste and liquid filling.
  • A custom heating package with precision temperature controller will maintain heat in the pump head and nozzle assembly
  • Electrically heated Type 316 stainless steel  hopper with a capacity of 900 ml.
  • Precision electronic temperature controller will maintain hopper temperature
  • Hopper is fitted with a cover and a removable plug rod to seal the outlet.
  • A 6 litre capacity 316 Stainless tube 6” diameter X 14” high c/w Triclamp ends will act as a pressurized hopper for pasty products. A custom Triclamp cover plate is fitted with a precision pressure regulator & pressure relief valve.
  • The guide rod assembly will locate and guide the internal follower plate to prevent “rat-holing” with thick pasty products. The follower plate runs close to the hopper side wall but will not scrape the sidewall. Sanitary construction enables quick teardown for cleaning & sanitation.
  • A support bracket will support the interchangeable pressure hopper over the precision
  • Metering pump.  This same bracket could be utilized to mount or support a lab style mixer to mix product in the heated hopper assembly.

  • Product contact parts are Type 316 Stainless Steel, Viton O-rings, Delrin & Alumina Ceramic
  • A stepper motor driven X-Y axis positioning system will index the 10 x 10 capsule format
  • The Profill  100 tooling plate is indexed under the heated filling nozzle. A pneumatic elevator will lift the capsule tooling  up to the nozzle assembly to enable bottom-up filling with pasty products.
  • The operation of the capsule plate elevator is selected from the control panel.
  • The filling deck is designed to accommodate 2 sets of tooling. System can be programmed to fill one or 2 sets of tooling. Transferring the second set of tooling to the filling station will repeat the filling operation. This will allow the operators to prepare the tooling for capsule filling.
  • The system is designed to facilitate installation of a second filling station to enable a 2 part fill operation or double the output of the system by running 2 sets of matched tooling. 
  • Controls are mounted in a NEMA Resin enclosure and include the following:
  • 2 sets of heaters and precision electronic temperature controls to control the heat of the precision pump head with nozzle and the heated hopper assembly
  • 90 degree C maximum temperature on all components.
  • Embedded controller with automatic and manual selector functions to control the main operating sequences. Custom programming to enable operation with 2 sets of tooling.
  • All components are mounted on a stainless steel floor stand with casters.
  • Lexan guards are installed around the integral perimeter frame.
  • Electrics 110 volt operation c/w cord set
  • Air Filter, Regulator, Oiler c/w quick disconnects