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Benefits of SED Servo-Eccentric Drive

R-J has developed a comprehensive program of liquid filling systems with our new SDS (Sanitary Design Series)  of metering pumps. The Type 316 Stainless Steel pumps are equipped with large full ported check valves or actuated valve pump heads. Fully interchangeable pump heads are available to suit a wide variety of products.

Fast Tool-Free-Teardown design with Triclamp connections for ease of disassembly and cleaning/sanitation.

Fill Range from 50 ml to1,000 ml (1 litre) per stroke.  

Our SED (Servo-Eccentric Drive) Series of motorized piston fillers gives you all of the versatility and convenience of modern electronic motor drives combined with precision positioning controls to create a versatile filling system with power, accuracy, and ease of adjustment.

Models are available in 2 pump, 4 pump and 6-8-10 pump models. Our largest machine is the  V-10 unit which is a compact 10 pump unit for high volume production.

The SED  Servo-Eccentric Drive has many benefits over conventional compressed air operated systems which are prevalent in the market due to low initial costs and ease of fabrication.

The cost of generating compressed air is high and the efficiency of pneumatic drives is notoriously poor. The pumping action is very linear which can create problems when the filler starts and stops
during the filling cycle. The sine wave fill cycle that can be created with the SED filler enables faster, smoother fills with minimal turbulence and product aeration.

The SED servo motor driven unit with PFP Programmable Fill Profile can be programmed to start the fill slow to reduce splash & foaming, fill faster during the main filling cycle, and slow down as the fill level approaches the top of the container.

Precise volume and pump speed adjustments can be done directly from the control panel while the machine is running. There is no need to mechanically change the settings on the pump drive to adjust fill volumes.

The SED filling machine is integrated with our MBUF Motorized Bottom Up Fill nozzle system which allows for precise nozzle positioning and movement during the fill cycle to minimize product turbulence and foaming. Neck & Container Alignment devices ensure clean nozzle entry into hard to handle containers.