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Automatic Hibar 4 pump c/w Dip Fill Nozzle Bar

 R-J Model ALF-DF 170CV-4 Automatic Liquid  Filling  System

10 ft long stainless steel conveyor with  Delrin table-top chain,  AC Variable speed drive with VFD speed controller, Value Guide adjustable rails and floor stand with leveling pads.

4 X  Hibar Model 170CV (17-170cc fill range) Check Valve style metering pumps with Triclamp inlet  connections & suction tubing to draw product from from a low level  tank.

4 X  R-J Model CVH check valve style nozzles  for  thin free-flowing liquids & flexible tubing to couple the nozzles to the pump heads.

 R-J Model PDF Pneumatic Dip Fill nozzle bar will allow the nozzles to enter the container necks to ensure clean fills.  Nozzles are adjustable to suit containers.


   1 X R-J Model  ACK – DF Automation Control Kit 
    with Dip-Fill circuit equipped as follows:

  • No Container – No Fill interlock circuit with
    container sensors on adjustable brackets;
  • Operator Interface panel for operating and
    set-up / clean-up functions;
  • Embedded Controler to manage the main operating functions;
  • 2 X R-J Model VG  Pneumatic container indexing gates 
    mounted onto Value-Guide Rails;
  • PDF Pneumatic Dip Fill with adjustable
    nozzle support bracket to suit 4 nozzles;
  • Air Filter, Regulator, Oiler system with quick – disconnects.


Stainless Steel pump stand will integrate the 4 pumps & control panel.