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Automatic Hibar 4+2 Piston filling line 500 ml pumps



  • 4 x Hibar Rotary Valve style pumps with 50-540 cc fill range.
  • Pumps available with up to 1 litre capacity per single stroke.
  • Modular frame design enables expansion to 6 pump filling system.
  • Formed stainless steel framework for
    ease of service and sanitation.
  • Pump volume and speed controls accessible from front of machine.
  • VFD Variable speed tabletop chain conveyor with Value Guide Rails.
  • Double stroke or sequential fill options are available.
  • Embedded Controller with color Touch Screen
    to control operating functions.
  • ​Automation kit with VG container indexing gates
  • Menu selection to program fill parameters
    for various products
  • MBUF Motorized Bottom Up Fill for foamy products
  • Dip fill for pastes, creams, gels
    or other peaky products
  • Neck centering device for tall or unstable containers
  • Positive acting shutoff or suck-back type nozzles
  • No-Container No-Fill interlock circuit.


A wide range of standard pump selections allows fill volumes as small as 50 ml  to a maximum 1050 ml to be accurately metered. Selection of Check Valve or Rotary Valve style pumps allows thick, heavy products or those with solid inclusions to be filled with equal ease.